About Us

About Us

Welcome to the “Traveling Bambinos”

We are total wonderlusts, who love exploring and discovering. After children we wanted to make sure that we carry on this love and excitement of traveling and for sure our children have the same travel bug as us. ūüėć

So lets introduce you to the Traveling Bambinos 

Asha aka ‘Mrs Organiser’
Yep Asha is the ultimate wonderluster always on the look out and organising the next world wide trip. She is resourceful, fun loving and enthusiastic. Always ready for the next big travel. She has lived and worked in many different countries including; UK, France, Sweden, Spain, Germany and India. She is a risk taker with a very entreprenurial spirit and always happy for the next adventure. 

Denis aka ‘Mr never give up’
Denis loves what Asha organises and makes sure everything is in check as Asha can get carried away with planning. Denis is the brains behind all things tech, yes he is a real geek. An entrepreneur in his heart and mind, for him the balance between work and family is essential. Having lived in the US and working with a successful start up to then moving to the UK and working in the top banks and finally to ‘doing it his way’ call it madness or crazy, Denis is an adventurous, hardworker who never gives up.

Caring, clever and soooooooo funny. Kiki has a way with words when you get to know her you are going to have a real laugh. She is a little adventurer coming out of her shell and blossoming. She also has an amazing memory!!  

Ladies this one is a charmer!! his smile will just brighten any dull day. He has a strong character and knows what he wants. Outgoing and adventurous, he always wants to be outside exploring. Loves books and nature.

Why we started this blog? 

In the beginning this started as a way of tracking our stories and vacations and then we decided to share our love of traveling with the world. We know so many people who stopped traveling after children and had a fear to go anywhere with kids and we wanted to show them anything is possible, have no fear and go for it. It won’t always be easy and it takes a lot of organising but it is so rewarding.¬†

We hope to share many different experiences with you and also lots of different itineraries. There will also be a section about food in different countries as we love trying out new dishes, so keep an eye out for that.

Thankyou for taking the time to read ‘about us’, we would love for you to join us so feel free to subscribe to our blog, instagram and now finally Youtube.

Instagram    https://www.instagram.com/travelingbambinos
Youtube       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GQ0lJYWB_LFIoZogWRCTQ

Thank you for your support and happy travels

The Traveling Bambinos

So where have we been so far? and the list keeps growing

  • Asia: India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives
  • Africa: Morocco, Tunisia
  • Europe: Austria, UK, Ireland, Latvia, France, Germany, Spain,
    Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Sweden,
    Denmark, Slovenia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Luxemberg, Malta, Monaco
  • North America
  • Central/South America: Mexico
  • Oceania: French Polynesia


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