Best Packing Tips For Families

Best Packing Tips For Families

It is very easy to go overboard when packing for your next trip, but try to keep it simple. PACK LIGHTLY and if you can, try to just have carry-ons. The last thing you want are lots of heavy bags and suitcases that are going to make your travel more complicated.


Depending on where and when you are going, write a list of all your essential items and clothing. There are some items you will pack last minute; like your phone, chargers, toothbrush. So make a separate list for these.


Always check the weather, I learnt this the hard way. I remember we were in Marseille with our 10 month baby girl. My husband said lets go for a weekend somewhere not too far. We decided last minute to go to the mountains about 2 hours away. The weather was hot in Marseille, around 30 degres Celsius and so we did not really bother checking the weather and just packed a few summer clothes. As we got nearer to our destination, the weather started changing. On reaching our destination we were about 18 degrees less and it was raining and cloudy. We had no jackets, no umbrella and no warm clothes for us or our baby girl. I ended up using my socks to cover my little baby’s arms!! lesson learned; always be ready for the weather change. Even just packing a light jacket can save your holidayđŸ˜‰.


I also like to use packing cubes, you an buy some from Eagle Creek Packing Cubes or Gonex packing cubes. These will help you to organise your packing better. You can use different colours for each member of your family. I also like them to be a bit transparent so that I know what I put inside of them.

When packing clothes, try to combine as many outfits as possible. So for example choose a few tops which can easily go with a pair of comfortable trousers. You want to maximise the use of your clothing.

For toiletries use travel size and remember if you are travelling for a long time you can buy these easily. I always keep a small soap or wetwipes with me because in many public toilets soaps are not always available.

If you are taking a suitcase, make sure in your carry bag you have at least a change of clothes for everyone; just incase your checked in bags are delayed.


Organise all chargers, adapters, electrical equipment in one bag so that you don’t lose anything and it is easy to find.


For all our documents I like to carry a document wallet. I also keep my passport, tickets and a bit of cash. I bought some really strong ones in Singapour, different sizes. Something like this could also work Travel document wallet.


For the kids I like to carry a little bag with different activities  to keep them occupied if we have a long wait or travel. For example I would have some colouring books, pencils, spare paper, small toys like cars, pack of cards. Perhaps something of their choice that they use a lot back at home. If all fails then there is always a smart phone or tablet with interesting and educational apps (however I try to limit these as much as possible.)

We also carry a little bag for healthy snacks; these include fruit compotes, juice, water, nutritional snacks.

For my 2 year old I bought a Trunki Ride on Suitcase. 
wanted something that would be fun and easy for a carry on for my
little one. She absolutely loves this suitcase. It is not so big but you
can fit a few clothes and teddy. I found it to be very practical whilst
at the aiport because it means my little one sits on the suitcase and I
can pull it along. Just have to be careful not to go too fast or you
may leave your little one behind! There are the little horns to hold
onto. I will write a full review on the advantages and disadvantages of
the Trunki suitcase in another article. I also found it handy when I
took a low cost flight with my little one on Ryanair. We had long delays
and no seating; fortunately my little one could sit on her suitcase and
I was very thankful for that. Most importantly get your kids involved in the packing, they will have a


A daypack is so important. I would definitely recommend the Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack. I absolutely love this bag, it is light, comfortable and reasonable. It can carry quite a lot and so far I have found it to be quite solid. I also like the separate compartment for a small water bottle. Great for when you don’t want to travel with a big bulky backpack.

Take a mesh bag for dirty clothes so that they don’t get mixed up with your clean clothes. I always pack a little hand wash soap just incase there is no laundry service at least you can always wash your clothes if you need to.

One more vital thing I will add because it makes such a difference to when we come back home. Take out 15 minutes to clear up the house. It is so much nicer to come back from your fantastic holiday and into your nice clean home. You will feel relaxed and happy and ready to start planning your next adventure.

If you have some more great tips to share we would love to hear them below

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