First Time camping? The essential camping packing list

First Time camping? The essential camping packing list

Is it your first time camping ? and you have no idea what to take. Yes I have been in that situation before as a student and I was so unprepared (I actually went without a tent!!!) But not to worry I am now an expert in packing.

My short video explains what you need to take with you when you go on a camping trip. Camping can be so much fun when you are organised and prepared.

We recently took our small kids on a camping trip and they loved it so much, they still talk about it months after our trip. This is what traveling is all about, building memories and sharing fun times together as well as discovering something new.

Camping Essentials

We bought the 4 person tent which easily accommodates 2 adults and
our 2 children. I find this tent comfortable and practical as you can
keep all your baggage in the middle and even use a picnic table with
chairs on a rainy day.

Mattress under-layer
Helps to protect from any stones and also to
provide an extra layer for your mattress to give you that extra comfort from the hard ground and avoid the cold coming from the ground.

Mattress and Sleeping Bag 
Sleeping bag or blankets depending how much space you have in your
packing case. We opt for a big mattress which is not too thick as it is more stable for 2 people and two comfortable blankets (one on the mattress and one on top of us to protect from cold above and below). 

Light source LED and torch
A must, camp grounds get dark and there is not always a source of light so don’t forget your torch, you will also need this if in case you need to make your way to the toilets at night time and come back into your own tent:)

Picnic table with chairs
If you have the luxury of space and are traveling by car then definitely take a picnic table with chairs, it will make your camping experience more comfortable. Also if it rains and you have a tent like ours you can place this inside your tent and enjoy the rain from the cosyness of your tent. It also is just so practical when you have a family or are going camping with friends. 

Cool bag with any essential food, snacks and water 
Not all camp sites will have a mini-market so it is a good idea to bring some essentials to make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty. 

Swiss knife
Handy tool to have in-case of emergencies or even if you just want to cut your fruits or vegetables.

Toiletries bag
In this I would bring shower gel, soap, shampoo, toilet tissue paper but also my first aid kit and essential medications in case of emergencies.

Warm Clothes
I have made the mistake of not always checking the weather when I think wow the weather looks great but then completely changes. Learning from my mistake I always take some warm outfits for all of us if the weather changes. Also mornings can get cold when you are camping and there is nothing worse then feeling cold whilst you are camping so be prepared and comfortable for any weather.

Empty bin bags
Always good to have these handy, keep your space clean

This could be useful if you are planning to do your laundry because then you can make a line with the string to dry your clothes.

Cooking stove
Maybe not essential for one night but definitely handy if you are camping for a few nights.

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What is your essential camping trip item? Do comment and let us know.

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