Is it possible to travel with young kids?

Is it possible to travel with young kids?

Adults v Children?

One thing I said to my partner before we had our little babies was that we did not want to change our lifestyles and stop travelling. We would continue to travel when we could and instill the love of travelling also to our children.

What we learnt was that ofcourse we could continue travelling but we would have to adapt and change our style of travelling to suit us and our little ones. Of course we could no longer just randomly wonder around in a thunderstorm getting drenched and run for cover at a local food stall; not really knowing what we were eating, hiking mountains, gliding, motorbiking, diving , snorkelling, visit long guided tours. However do not be disheartened, we can still do plenty of things and discover a new way of travelling with our family.

Depending on how many children and what age they are, your travelling itinerary will change. When we first had Kiki and she was 10 months, we did a road trip around New York, Catskills and Maine. We managed to to do some small hikes, see some wales, take bus rides to the national parks, a boat ride, went to some lobster ranches, walked around New York, boat ride to see the statue of liberty, dined at the culinary institute and even attended a wedding.

How did we do it? 
Simple answer we did a lot of planning before but made sure our plans were not too rigid to ensure that plans could be changed and everyone could be accomodated and have a good time including kids and also adults. I had to change my usual style of itinerary (to see and discover as many things as we can in one day) to a more slow paced style. (Although as my husband mentioned to me I still managed to pack our days, all exciting ofcourse.)

We also had to remember to do regular stops; when we were driving making sure we would stretch our legs, change nappies, milk and food for baby and us. Kiki made it quite simple for us as she was going along with everything quite smoothly. We also had the Ergobaby with us which meant it was possible for us to go on short hikes. In New York we used a very simple Strollerwhich was easy to travel with and also monevre on the pavements. I will write another article explaining in detail what we took with us.

Now when you have 2 small kids age 3 years and 2 years, how do things change?
Well yes the good news is that you can still travel, it just gets a little more challenging. I will be writing another article on this, so watch this space 😊.

Also check out our Corsica trip  we did with our 2 children.

So just remember travelling with kids is great, do it but do it without expectations and be ready to adapt your travel; it may not always go according to plan, BUT plan nevertheless. Also make sure you enjoy and have some down time, you don’t want to come back more tired then when you left😉.

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  3. It’s definitely possible to travel with kids! I don’t know why some people are weary about it! Kids will throw tantrums no matter where they are!

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