Time to take a solo trip

Time to take a solo trip

Well after spending practically all my time with my family and being away at most 3 days away from them; it is time for me to do a solo trip. I will be going to India for 45 days! I have just one week to prepare myself for this mentally and physically.

So why am I going away for so long and what about these feelings of guilt?

Well after much deliberating mostly with myself; feelings of guilt, questioning whether it was selfish to leave my family for so long, wondering whether my husband could cope with the kids on his own. I decided to put myself in the front seat for a while and my husband was totally for it. So I am set to finally take my Kundalini teaching training course in Rishikesh for 25 days and following that meet with some of my family in India, whom I have not seen since 9 years and maybe attend a crazy family wedding. (If you have not been to an Indian wedding in India, put this in your list to do, I guarantee you will remember it for the rest of your lives!)

What was my motivation?

These last few months of traveling and living abroad has been a very enlightening journey. I realised how important it was to leave France as I somehow lost a part of who I was. I will be writing about the struggles and challenges of living abroad in another article (because that is going to be big one 🙂 Staying in Bali I learnt the importance of gaining my independence but also the importance of nourishing my soul and body not just for myself but for bringing something positive to my family. My belief is that if I am in a healthy and positive state of mind then I can also give that to my family.

Sometimes life takes us into a routine of ‘motherhood’ and ‘wife’ and you forget to nourish your own self. How can you expect to nourish your relationships if you yourself feel enclosed and a little lost. After speaking to my husband about this chance to go to india to take this course; he was straight away in favour of it, not because he wanted to get rid of me 🙂 but because that is what we do. Our relationship is such that we support and make each other grow when needed. We also questioned whether they should all join me in India during or after the course but decided against it as the kids could continue to go to school in Bali whilst Denis could focus on his own work and projects.

So I am hoping that this will result in a win win situation for all. I come back all refreshed and energised with new knowledge to share with everyone; Denis focuses hard on his work projects and the kids enjoy a bit of stability with their school friends and continue to improve their dolphin skills in the water. I will be posting regularly on my instagram so you can follow me there; hopefully I will have access to wifi.

Remember mummies and wives

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