Top 7 free things to do in Sydney

Top 7 free things to do in Sydney

Sydney can be a pretty expensive City to visit so here are our 7 top free tips to see in Sydney, in no particular order. Enjoy and let us know what your favourite things to do were.

1. Vivid Festival

We were lucky enough to be in Sydney during the vivid festival and it was a free festival that took place at the port. It was pretty amazing to see the different lights and projections on the opera house and nearby buildings. Vivid is a festival of lights and sounds that was happens over a couple days in May so you can always time your visits according to festivals that take place locally.

2. Fireworks, Darling Harbour

If you want to see fireworks then you could go to darling harbor and grab yourself a seat near the Cocobay. There is a free fireworks display on Saturdays at 9 PM just check the schedule before you go though, which you can find online on .

3. Botanic Gardens

We absolutely loved the botanic Gardens in Sydney it’s free and you can take a free tour with a guide, who explains the history of the botanic Gardens as well as explaining the trees and plants that you can find in the Gardens. Why not also take a little picnic with you, but be aware of those birds with the long beaks. You can find them everywhere and they are not afraid to pinch your food. There are also special exhibitions that take place, we were there during the insect eating plants. The kids were facinated by these ‘meat eating’ plants!

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

For beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House take the walk of the, Macquaries chair walk which is simple and easy to do, here you can take plenty of beautiful selfie‘s and photos.
To get up closer to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge you could simply just walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is a pedestrian walkway that takes you along the length of the bridge and there you can get to Kirribilli and Milson’s point. 

5. Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

If you enjoy surfing then definitely make a trip to Bondi or Manly Beach.
For amazing scenic views of the ocean make sure you do the walk from Blondie to Coogie,  this is around 6 km where you pass many different beaches including; Brontë, Cloverly and you usually find a little play area on the stops as well and a little barbecue area if you wanna take your own barbecue. The walk is really beautiful passing cliffs, rock pools and gorgeous beaches.

6. Centenial Park

There are many different parks and gardens where you can take your own picnic these include the Centenial Park which is about 189 hectares, you’ve also got the Hyde Park and the Timberlin Park not to forget the Royal botanic Gardens as well.

7. NSW Library Tour

We didn’t get a chance to do this but another tour that you could do is the free tour at the NSW state library which holds many different exhibitions during the week day.

Here is a link to some useful websites that you can find discounts on

Additional Info

Time Zone GMT +10:00 2 hours ahead
Currency Australian Dollar AUD
Best Time To Visit MAY – JUN Vivid Sydney

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